Immerse Them & They Will Learn

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2020

[When My Dream Became My Nightmare: Immerse Them & They Will Learn - Blog 6]

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I finally reached a breaking point where going to peoples’ homes was absolutely not what I wanted to do as my main offering. 

Why? Well, it is hard to explain in words… but when it comes down to it it’s this…

You favorite thing about what I do is teaching! 

Problem #1: People only catch/learn a small portion of what they consume the first several times. Plus, the time that I am spending educating takes away time that I am providing other interventions that a person wants and/or needs.

But I can’t just leave out the education. If a person is aware of the the why, they are more likely to follow through and fully BUY-IN to the process of becoming (whatever it is that they want to do/be).


Also, there are so many things people unknowingly do/not do throughout their every day life that impact their pelvic health. It is best if they know about it!!

Solution: Build online platform to combine with my in-person services so that I could focus on the hands on stuff.


Problem #2:

I needed to spend time marketing and advertising my mobile services. That took way from me building my programs online. It was a tug of war!!


I didn’t know what to do…

So I didn’t do anything. Like that would help... SMH.

I left it up to word of mouth. And that was starting to work. Not as quickly as I would like . But I was getting frustrated because the hour-hour & fifteen went TOO fast!!


At the time, people from all over were reaching out to me… One person in particular, asked if she could work with me when she was in town for her husband’s work trip.


And that is where Immersive Rehab was born. I literally created it the day she reached out. We set up a consult. Boom - the program was created by the time we met virtually face to face.


Truthfully, I’ve thought about this before. I never thought anyone would actually do it though.


What is immersive rehab?

Full immersive rehab is when you spend a full day (or two days) with me rehabbing and learning new ways to move specific to your ultimate goal. It is holistic in that you get exposed to mindset/attitudes, how you fuel your body nutritionally, & what you are to do physically moving forward.

It is insanely amazing. It is not for everyone though… Only the truly committed and self-motivated. Prepare to have your life changed. I did my first full day immersive rehab event in January of this year. It was incredible. I met the client for the first time the day prior for dinner. We started our day with breakfast, where we debriefed everything. Then we got to work for the rest of the day. It went SO fast. I feel like she is part of my family now. If you want to read about her experience, you can go here!

Mini-Immersive Rehab is where you spend 3 hours with me. The best time to do this is after completing a plan of care with myself or another therapist… It is here that we focus on performance of a specific movement(s) that you want to get back to (like double unders, running, squatting, etc).

 Mini-Immersive Rehab is more suitable for MOST people. But understand, you can’t schedule a mini-immersive and expect to hit every movement under the sun. The brain doesn’t learn that way.

I fell in love with mini-immersive rehab instantly. I have done a hand full of them now and let me tell you… it is SO much better than when I would have like 20-30 minutes. (If you want to learn more about it, the starting point is filling out this form here! )

It is just enough time to teach the most important things for truly effective practice and training. It is sooooo satisfying to see my clients’ reach their AH-HA moments. I absolutely love them. Especially if I’ve seen them for traditional rehab first (or a colleague of mine has and can debrief me).

 So here I am, gaining traction despite doing MINIMAL MARKETING AND FOLLOW UP for my in-person services… gaining momentum.


You see guys, while I was gaining traction. I still wasn’t seeing nearly enough people. Still yet, not an ounce of my being wanted to market/advertise my services. I just wanted to implement… I just wanted to treat.  And it wasn’t because I didn’t like marketing!


So there I was…

I had my own business.

I loved treating people in person but I DID NOT want to build an in-person practice. I CERTAINLY did NOT want to go back into insurance-based rehab. I would leave physical therapy all together before I did that.

I wanted to market my services… but I did not want to market that I had an in-person practice as my main offering. And that might confuse people.

Well how could I continue to treat a few days a week without it being under my own business AND build my online…business?


My soul was screaming at me that I didn’t have to mainly market for in-person business stuff… because I didn’t create my business to do this in the first place.


And then it occurs to me…Moment of Truth was looking for another Physical Therapist. They are doing what I want to do. I can continue doing what I am doing online (which you will find out is ultimately what I’ve wanted to do all along)… She has all the things in place to market to the people love helping… Moment of Truth is NOT a mill clinic that will run me down into the burn out like so many insurance-based clinics do to their therapists… It is the solution of all solutions. There I was, lying on the table while I was being treated… and I told Amy what I was thinking. It turned out to be a fit for the future. 

And then COVID hits.

[Next up: They Told Me That I Would Always Have Job Security]

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